Divorce and Family Law

CT Divorce and Family Law

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KKC's attorneys counsel and represent individuals in family law matters including divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody, child support, visitation, alimony, paternity, domestic violence and juvenile court proceedings. We understand that going through the legal process on any of these matters can be frustrating and emotional, so we strive to keep our clients informed at all times about the various aspects of their case and available options. When appropriate, KKC's family law attorneys will vigorously advocate for their clients and have many years of experience in litigating family law matters.

Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment
We initiate and defend divorce, legal separation and annulment proceedings and pursue temporary orders to protect our client's interests while the case is pending. We work with our client and utilize all available resources to negotiate an equitable final agreement. However, if a matter cannot be resolved by agreement, our attorneys have substantial experience in trying divorce, legal separation and annulment cases. Whether the case is resolved by agreement of the parties or by a judge of the court, our family law attorneys and staff are experienced in addressing such issues as alimony, transfer of real estate, distribution of pension plans, and the assignment of responsibility for debts and liabilities.

CT Divorce and Family LawKKC's family law attorneys work with other departments in the firm to assist our clients with special issues that arise during the divorce process. We consult with our tax department regarding the drafting of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for the distribution of retirement accounts pensions and regarding possible consequences of the division of assets and liabilities.  We also work with the real estate department to assist with the transfer of any real property and with our probate department to provide clients with new wills and estate plans.

Custody, Child Support and Visitation
We consult with and, if necessary, utilize experts in various fields to assist in such cases, including child psychologists and psychiatrists, therapists and evaluators. If an equitable agreement cannot be reached, we are experienced at bringing these cases to trial.

We represent individuals who share a child, but have never been married. We have experience representing either the mother or father of the child in establishing paternity either through agreement or court ordered DNA testing. We also represent our clients to secure court orders regarding custody, child support and visitation in paternity matters.

Domestic Violence
When any case involves issues of domestic violence, KKC's attorneys are experienced in representing the victim in securing the legal protection they need through restraining orders and/or protective orders. We utilize all available resources including Family Relations, the Victim's Advocate Program and private domestic violence services to assist in protecting our client's safety.

Juvenile Court Proceedings
Children under the age of eighteen (18) years old are sometimes involved in the judicial system as a result of an arrest or because some member of their family is brought to court on charges of abuse or neglect. Our attorneys are experienced in representing the children in these proceedings. In addition, we also have experience representing and defending parents who are the subject of investigation and charges by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) alleging abuse or neglect.