Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Different Path to Conflict Resolution

COVID-19 has changed virtually every aspect of our lives, including access to the court system. Court dockets have ground to a halt, there are no jury trials for the foreseeable future, and your right to confront a witness is often confined to a video conference. Did you know there are alternative means of resolving disputes that are equally effective, currently accessible, and less expensive? Where you can choose who hears your claims and considers the evidence, and have input on how your own claims get resolved?

Mediation and arbitration have been utilized for years but, now more than ever, are worth your consideration. To understand how these alternative methods of dispute resolution (“ADR”) work, you need lawyers with credentials and experience to guide you. KKC’s Litigation Department knows how to effectively utilize ADR to get our clients prompt and efficient justice at a fair price. Our lawyers have mediated and arbitrated through a variety of ADR service providers and know their rules. Our Litigation Department Head, Michael Kopsick, has been a court appointed mediator, fact finder, and arbitrator for over two decades, and has been appointed by several private ADR services as the sole arbitrator on dozens of matters. 

Benefits of ADR

  • Generally ADR costs less and moves more quickly through court proceedings
  • Parties may participate in the structure of the process, including the selection of the mediator or arbitrator
  • Matters discussed are kept in strict confidence

Your time and security are now more valuable than ever. Learn about your options and consider a different path from the uncharted waters surrounding our court system. Contact our Litigation Paralegal, Tracey Toney, at 860-812-1747 or to set up an appointment. 

ADR Experience
Attorney Michael Kopsick has served as arbitrator, mediator, and counsel in cases involving personal injury; business dissolutions; marital dissolutions; estate claims, complex debt collection; enforcement of security rights; property tax disputes; and breach of contract claims. He has been a court appointed attorney, trial referee/fact-finder, and arbitrator since 1999, handling several matters per month for the last 19 years.