Personal Injury Results

Here are just a few case studies highlighting results we’ve obtained for our injured clients:


Automobile Accident – two killed by drunk, wrong-way driver on I-84 in East Hartford, settled for over $740,000
William C, age 33, a married father of two, was a passenger in a vehicle operated by his 26 year old cousin. William and his cousin were traveling east on I-84 in East Hartford, Connecticut, when a vehicle operated by a 20 year old woman was traveling in the wrong direction. The vehicles hit head-on, causing the vehicle William was traveling in to catch fire. The vehicle was quickly engulfed in flames, and both William and his cousin were killed. Blood tests revealed that the woman was operating her vehicle under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. She was ultimately convicted of two counts of negligent homicide.

At first it appeared that only minimal insurance coverage was available. The William C. estate collected policy limits of $20,000 for the vehicle the woman was operating and $40,000 from the Estate of William C.’s cousin, the owner of the vehicle in which William was a passenger. KKC’s private investigator determined where the woman purchased the alcohol she consumed the night of the accident. The estate filed a claim against the package store for “negligence per se” as the sale of alcohol to a minor violated a specific Connecticut statute. Through a methodical approach to building William’s case, a settlement was achieved for a total of $742,500, with the estate of William C. receiving $424,375 and the estate of William’s cousin receiving $318,125.

Slip and Fall Accident – Ellington woman settled for $400,000 after fall in icy parking lot
Our client, a 42 year old woman, pulled into what she believed to be the parking lot of a local jewelry store. (It was later determined that this parking lot was owned by the adjacent property owner.) As our client exited her vehicle, she shut the door, took one step before her feet came out from under her, and fell due to an accumulation of ice in the parking lot. As a result of the fall, our client sustained a fractured ankle, fractured wrist, and a shoulder injury, all three of which required surgical repair, and resulted in permanent injuries. The adjacent property owner claimed that they were not responsible for our client’s injuries because she was a “trespasser.”

Through careful use of depositions and onsite investigations, KKC was able to demonstrate that payments were solicited from the adjacent property owner in exchange for use of the parking lot in question; thus we were able to demonstrate how this revelation changed our client’s legal status on the land from “trespasser” to “business invitee,” resulting in a mediated settlement of $400,000.

Water Park Accident – local teen settled for $850,000 after water slide injury
KKC’s Personal Injury department played a pivotal role in securing a nearly seven figure recovery for a local teen who was injured in a water park accident.

Additional Recent Case Results:

  • $400,000 for fall on hotel stairway 
  • $700,000 for a wrongful death
  • $420,000 for fall from medical examining table
  • $300,000 for slip and fall in a store
  • $250,000 for young girl bitten by dog
  • $185,000 for motor vehicle accident
  • $115,000 for an accident

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