Client Reviews

"Your legal services have been excellent."
--B. Moser, 9/11/2019

"We set up Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive Documents. We had two office visits and some emails. Everything was well done and we are pleased with the results. Our Attorney, Bill Dakin, explained our various options and gave us plenty of time for questions. We are pleased with the results."
--The Rueggs, 9/2/2019

"The paperwork process was intense and we didn't understand all that we read, but we are comfortable that Steve has our back and is looking out for our best interests. We trust him completely."
--The Rileys, 8/29/2019

"We were very happy with Allison's help with my mother's will. She explained everything clearly and the process went smoothly."
--C. Myers, 8/16/2019

"I was treated with respect, and everyone was very kind. I felt that Attorney Sutton was very knowledgeable, and explained everything to my understanding. I would definitely would recommend him to friends if need be. Thank you so much."
--L. Belisle, 8/15/2019

"Attorney Allison Poirier provided excellent legal advice and provided us with the documents that we asked for. She was efficient and wonderful to work with. She explained everything so well. Thanks for everything, KKC. We would use you again in a heartbeat."
--The Pasinis, 8/14/2019

"Very efficient and helpful"
--J. Lovdal, 8/14/2019

"We decided it was time to get our affairs in order so we contacted Allison Poirier at KKC. She was wonderful and helped us with our estate planning documents (will, POA and other pertinent paper work). We met, she discussed our wishes, and wrote up the legal documents exactly the way we wanted them! Thanks! We feel better prepared for the future!
--The DiMauros, 8/4/2019

"We had a very good experience with Allison in the KKC Attorneys Firm. The first thing was a phone call to request an attorney to update our Wills. The secretary answered right away, she was very helpful and gave us several options for our first meeting. We then met with Allison and she gave us a detailed explanation of what needed to be done to update our Wills. We then received a package at home with all the editorial changes, and met again with Allison to go over every detail and when we were satisfied, she brought two witnesses and we signed the papers. Easy and all done in 1 hour. I give them and A
--The Wells, 6/27/2019

"Sorry, I only have high praise for Steve Sutton. He has a relaxed, confident manner, which is reassuring to a client. We chat for a few minutes, then get to the business at hand. Steve explains everything clearly and thoroughly. The witnesses to my signing were charming."
--D. Williams, 6/27/2019

"We just completed the process of having our wills and estates drawn up by Allison Poirier and we could not be happier with the entire process. Allison was very methodical, clear, and meticulous in her preparation of our materials and was personally very engaging to talk with. We are both very pleased that we chose to come to KKC."
--P. Allopenna, 5/9/2019