Client Reviews

"Early in 2019, Chief Tom Snyder and I approached KKC through an initial meeting with Attorney Murphy. Our organization, the Willington Hill Fire Department was attempting to leverage a significant private fund source to purchase a piece of property that will hopefully be the location of a future public safety building to improve upon our already excellent services (since 1952).
Kahan, Kerensky, and Capossela not only have us expert guidance, and services, but they offered us these services for no fee, recognizing that we are a legacy non-profit with limited resources.
Without their generous offering, we simply could not have accomplished this complicated purchase. Immense thanks to the entire team at KKC Law."
--Michael Makuch, Lieutenant, Willington Hill Fire Department 10/30/2019

"Many, many, thanks to your firm and specifically Attorneys Murphy and Mortelliti and Paralegal Hicks. Through your efforts our fire department in Willington was able to purchase a parcel of land to use as a future station. In doing so you all have contributed to furthering our public safety mission for Willington residents and visitors alike. As always, funds are limited so your willingness to step forward and provide these needed professional services was invaluable! 5 stars and thanks again!"
--T. Smith, 10/28/19

"We were very satisfied with our dealings with KKC. Stephen Sutton was friendly, professional, helpful, and non-pushy. He answered all our questions and helped to guide us to sound decisions about our estate planning. We would definitely return to him if additional concerns arise in our financial/legal planning."
--C. Jones, 10/21/2019

"This firm donated tens of thousands of dollars of pro bono work when the Willington Hill Fire Department was engaged in purchasing a property for a new firehouse. Joseph Mortelliti, the Attorney with whom I had contact, has an amazing work ethic. I returned home in the evening to find a voice-mail from him. At 8:30 I called the number, intending to leave a reply of his voice mail. To my surprise, Joe answered the phone from his office. He was still at his desk working on various zoning, financing, etc., issues regarding our purchase."
--Samuel C. Wheeler III, Secretary, Willington Hill Fire Department, 10/17/2019

"The job was completed without any problems in record time."
-E. Postles, Jr., 10/15/2019

"Worked w/ Attorney McCann. Work was complete and thorough. Provided some creative ideas we were not aware of to help achieve the financial goals regarding our purpose for using the firm. Very knowledgeable, helpful and team to work with."
--S. Basson, 10/9/2019

"I have used Attorney Doug Manion for a sale, purchase and refinance. I have found Attorney Manion and his paralegals to be thorough, professional and so easy to work with making the process run smoothly."
--G. Holmes, 10/2/2019

"I have used Attorney Matt Willis for a criminal matter involving my teenager. Matt got us all an awesome result and was so helpful! Attorney Willis is a wonderful attorney and so down to earth."
--E.K., 9/24/2019

"Our recent meeting with Atty. Dakin went very well. As always he was easy to understand and explained everything to us in a manner that was easy to comprehend. We will continue to solicit his advise and counsel on any future legal matters. Thank you!"
--The Hathorns, 9/13/2019

Your legal services have been excellent."
--B. Moser, 9/11/2019

"We set up Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive Documents. We had two office visits and some emails. Everything was well done and we are pleased with the results. Our Attorney, Bill Dakin, explained our various options and gave us plenty of time for questions. We are pleased with the results."
--The Rueggs, 9/2/2019

"The paperwork process was intense and we didn't understand all that we read, but we are comfortable that Steve has our back and is looking out for our best interests. We trust him completely."
--The Rileys, 8/29/2019

"We were very happy with Allison's help with my mother's will. She explained everything clearly and the process went smoothly."
--C. Myers, 8/16/2019

"I was treated with respect, and everyone was very kind. I felt that Attorney Sutton was very knowledgeable, and explained everything to my understanding. I would definitely would recommend him to friends if need be. Thank you so much."
--L. Belisle, 8/15/2019

"Very efficient and helpful"
--J. Lovdal, 8/14/2019

"Sorry, I only have high praise for Steve Sutton. He has a relaxed, confident manner, which is reassuring to a client. We chat for a few minutes, then get to the business at hand. Steve explains everything clearly and thoroughly. The witnesses to my signing were charming."
--D. Williams, 6/27/2019