Dec 22 2021

Coping With Divorce During the Holidays

By KKC Divorce Attorneys / In Divorce & Family Law

Divorce is often difficult. You’ve separated from a person you once loved and maybe still do. You had to figure out how to divide the assets you owned and the debt you had together. The holidays often bring up fond memories you made during a marriage, making it a difficult time to cope. However, there are tips that can help you to get through the holidays after a divorce:

Share the holidays with your friends and family. 
You’ve gone through one of the most emotional events you can go through. By socializing and spending time with friends and family that you care about and who care about you, you open yourself up to positive experiences. The extra bit of help and support they provide will make your holidays more merry. 

Maintain meaningful family traditions but create new ones as well. 
Family traditions are an important aspect of everyday life, and many of them revolve around holidays. Try to maintain the ones that are most dear to you, but consider starting a new tradition or two to as you move into the next stage of your life. Consider family game or movie nights, dinners or holiday shows, group caroling, ice skating parties, baking cookies, or a drive through light show.

Focus on the positive.
Practice gratitude by acknowledging the good people and things in your life. Giving thanks is a great way to boost your spirits and remind you that the future holds endless possibilities. Another way to practice gratitude is to help others. When we focus attention on those who are less fortunate, we help increase our sense of thankfulness. Some ways you can help: donate gifts, volunteer at a food pantry, write cards to veterans, or spend time with housebound seniors.

Practice self-care.
Take time for yourself. Focus on the present and future versus the past. Make sure you’re eating well, exercising, and getting adequate sleep. Treat yourself to a massage or another enjoyable way to destress. 

If you’re a parent, focus on what’s best for your children.
For your children’s sake, you and your spouse should try to put aside your differences, work together in a cooperative manner, and remain in good spirits. By doing your best to stay cheerful, your children will see that life is moving forward as it should, which will lessen any guilt they may be feeling from the changes they’re experiencing. Don’t overindulge them or try to out-gift the other parent, and avoid making negative comments about the other parent. In fact, encourage your children to have fun with their other parent because that’s the goal, that they enjoy spending time with each of you during the holidays.


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Philip Goldberg - Oct 04 2023
Divorce during the holidays? Well, it's like trying to untangle Christmas lights while juggling a turkey. It's messy, confusing, and can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed. But hey, take a deep breath and remember that it's okay to feel all the feels. Find your own way to celebrate - whether that involves ugly crying in a onesie or dancing like no one's watching to Mariah Carey. Just remember, the holidays are about finding joy amidst the chaos, so go ahead

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