Taxation and Taxpayer Representation

The expertise and experience of KKC's Taxation Department cover business, estate, and individual taxation, along with taxpayer representation. Our taxation attorneys have educational backgrounds and experiences which include a master's degree of law in taxation, a master's degree in business administration, bachelors' degrees in economics and accounting, as well as public accountant certifications. We counsel and represent clients appearing before a variety of taxing authorities and assist clients with tax compliance issues and the construction and preparation of appropriate tax saving strategies for businesses, estates, or individuals.

Individual Business personal Taxation Attorneys Vernon CTBusiness Taxation
KKC's tax attorneys work closely with our business attorneys to design practical solutions for our business clients, applying the complex tax rules and regulations regarding the formation, operation, and/or termination of a business. Our tax attorneys assist in assessing the size, ownership, and financial activities of an existing or prospective business. KKC's tax attorneys are also closely involved in structuring the purchase or sale of a business and any related buy-sell, non-compete, and employment agreements. We will assess the client's tax position and recommend strategies to minimize state and federal taxes. 

Estate Trust and Gift Taxation
KKC's attorneys are directly involved in the compliance and administrative requirements for estate and gift taxes for both federal and state purposes. We prepare federal and state estate tax returns in conjunction with the probate administration of decedent's estates and assist the client with other tax return related issues ranging from valuation through the closing of the estate. As part of our estate and trust administration practice, we prepare federal and state fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts. During the estate planning phase, we counsel our clients regarding the amount of death taxes they may owe and available mechanisms to minimize those taxes through gifting or retitling of assets. We prepare conveyance tax forms, deeds, and other documents required to change title to assets and prepare federal and state gift tax returns for any reportable gifts made each year.

Individual Taxation
Although we do not prepare individual income tax returns, KKC's tax attorneys do assist our clients with a wide variety of individual income tax matters. We work closely with our clients' accountants, insurance consultants, and other professionals to coordinate the individual and business tax strategies of our clients to realize the lowest possible tax liability. In addition, our tax attorneys work closely with our family law and divorce attorneys to provide those clients with the highest possible settlement benefits. At times, proper analysis of the tax issues in a divorce, separation, or child custody matter can be the difference between reaching an amicable settlement or enduring protracted litigation. An individual income tax analysis may involve the implementation of tax savings strategies designed to take advantage of the lowest tax brackets available to our clients, an analysis of income and available deductions, or a review of beneficiary designations and withdrawal options for individual retirement accounts and pension plans. Furthermore, we have a wide network of qualified tax professionals, convenient to our clients' geographical area, to whom we refer those clients in need of tax return preparation services.

Taxpayer Representation
Taxpayer representation is the process of assisting our clients in dealing with various taxing authorities, negotiating payment plans or settlements, and in some cases, representing our clients in court. We represent clients on a variety of taxation issues and guide them through the dispute process ranging from a collection action to administrative appeals through litigation.

On a federal level, the experience and academic qualifications of our tax attorneys provide a solid foundation for representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service and in Tax Court. In support of our estate planning and probate settlement practice, our attorneys represent estates under audit by the State or Federal taxing authorities. Similarly, our tax attorneys can provide appellate and litigation support to accountants and other tax practitioners representing taxpayers wishing to appeal an alleged income tax deficiency. Our tax and litigation attorneys are authorized to practice before the Federal Tax Court, Federal District Court, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and even the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys have successfully coordinated reasonable installment payment plans, offers in compromise of outstanding tax deficiencies, and reduction/abatement of tax penalties. Our tax appeal litigation attorneys form a unique, highly skilled team fully prepared to litigate local, state, and federal tax disputes before the applicable tax authority or in court.

Our attorneys frequently represent clients before the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services on a variety of audits and other tax disputes. We have successfully represented clients (businesses, estates, trusts, and individuals) appealing alleged sales tax, admissions tax, motor fuels tax, corporate business tax, employment tax, income tax, and estate tax matters. Although these appeals are frequently resolved at an administrative level, our tax attorneys can work in coordination with our firm's litigation attorneys by handling the appeals process through the trial and appellate court stages, if necessary.

On a local level, we assist clients in resolving real estate tax, assessment and revaluation issues, as well as problems encountered by our farm clients utilizing the farm, forest, and open space tax programs.

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