Construction Litigation

KKC's construction litigation practice represents owners, general contractors, subcontractors, lenders, and sureties in a broad array of disputes. We have represented parties with new home construction, home improvement, and other residential construction disputes, as well as commercial construction claims involving both private and public sector projects. We have defended and/or prosecuted mechanic's lien foreclosures, bond claims, construction defect claims, lost-profit claims, delay damages claims, and obtained and fought off applications for prejudgment attachments. 

Whether your dispute involves tens of thousands or tens of millions of dollars, KKC's litigation department has the experience necessary to focus on what matters most and add value to your case.


Construction Litigation Attorney Christopher Bowen


Case Histories

Defense of lawsuit against an electrical subcontractor that was hired to provide and install energy efficient lighting for a Connecticut municipality. The lawsuit was brought by a supply house that our client alleged delivered faulty light fixtures. Dispute centered on how much was owed to the supply house given the increase in labor costs incurred by subcontractor to uninstall and reinstall light fixtures. (We also represented the subcontractor's surety.)



Defense of commercial landlord against lost profits brought by its tenant, a used car dealership, where the dealership alleged our client was required to rebuild after a complete fire loss. The dealership also claimed the landlord's construction was unreasonably delayed and that the used car dealership business failed as a result. 




Represented structural steel subcontractor that fabricated and installed structural steel and steel siding for the Chase Brass Redevelopment Project in Waterbury, Connecticut. The general contractor filed its own lawsuit against the City. The two cases were consolidated, and the general contractor raised delay damages and indemnification special defenses in our client's case and filed counterclaims. After extensive discovery, two rounds of mediation, and motions to enforce the settlement agreements, the matter was settled. 


Represented developer of custom-built homes. After completing construction for a buyer that requested unique features, the buyer terminated the contract, and the developer retained a significant deposit as liquidated damages pursuant to the contract. The parties arbitrated and ultimately settled the dispute over the enforceability of the liquidated damages clause. 



Represented geothermal HVAC contractor in nonpayment and mechanic's lien foreclosure matter where the homeowner made a defective workmanship counterclaim. Ultimately the case went up to the Appellate Court for a determination of whether Connecticut's New Home Construction Act or Home Improvement Act applied. The matter was settled before the Appellate Court issued its decision. 




Recent Litigation Department Reviews

"KKC was referred to us by our attorney due to their expertise in the area needed. We met with one of the attorneys and discussed details of our issue for an hour or so. We then signed on as a client and KKC went to work creating a case. KKC's communication was excellent and kept everyone including our attorney in the loop so everyone was working together. Christopher Bowen was our main attorney that negotiated the case with the defendant's lawyer. KKC's team built such a strong case with 9 criminal counts before any negotiations took place, and the case did not go to court. During negotiations we were willing to compromise but Christopher Bowen would advise not to get ahead of ourselves as we are not done yet. The end result was a total success. We highly recommend KKC for any legal services required."

"I have nothing to say about the firm and Atty Bowen and his team other than they could not have been better! Under his direction they were all prompt in response, accurate and helpful as we worked our way through a situation we never expected to confront. Without their expertise we would have lost a great deal. At our time of life it would have been extremely difficult had KK&C not won our case."

"We worked with Chris Bowen for the last year and a half on a property dispute. He was knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and aided in a successful resolution to the situation. We would have been much worse off, if we didn't hire this law firm. Would and will hire again if needed."

"Considering I had a ‘sticky’ situation and needed someone I could place my confidence in to resolve it - Chris Bowen was amazing. From start to finish he was always responsive and helpful. I was very pleased and would definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal services."